The Unique Offerings of Skin A Peel

My name is Joanna Iannaggi, owner of Skin A Peel. My personal journey of finding health through nutrition, personal awareness and alternative healing has led me to create a unique skin care experience for my clients. My goal as a full service skin care specialist is to ultimately restore  skin to its natural beauty. 

With over 16 years experience in the beauty industry and extensive knowledge in both Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, I can teach you how to effectively care for your skin and to take away the “overwhelming feeling” of various skin care concerns. I will recommend the best possible treatments and products for your skin type. We also specialize in brow shaping and permanent makeup.

Call today and take your first step toward beautiful skin!    216.372.7943

Client Testimonials

Paula writes...

I have had acne problems my whole life. I have been to more doctors for my skin than I can ever remember their names. (I even went to the Cleveland Clinic). Yes, accutane too. No one has helped me like Skin A Peel... this is coming from the most skeptical person that could have walked in the door. I am 47 now and my skin looks better than ever. So happy I took one more chance to find help. 

Michele says...

Joanna does amazing work & I can't believe I waited as long as I did to do it! It seriously is the best upgrade you can make for your face/makeup routine.... OR no makeup at all!!! She is an artist when it comes to brows!